Picking a running watch

As you start any kind of exercise, it’s helpful to start tracking how much you do it.  Tracking helps you figure out how much to improve and how much you want to improve.  It also shows how much you have improved.

One exercise is pretty easy to track and is very popular to track: running.  Smart watches and wearables are now very common and all track movement to some extent.

When I started looking at something to help me track my runs, I wanted something basic and didn’t invest much.  As I have continued to run, I’ve started adding factors to my runs that a tracker would need to accommodate such as weather, independence from my phone, more coverage with a GPS, and long battery life.  Running in rain would require the device to be waterproof.  If I run without my phone, the watch itself needs a GPS.  There are multiple kinds of satellite constellations that you can track with such as GLONASS and GPS; being able to leverage both is preferable.  Also, if I run for an hour, the device needs to be able to stay running for an hour while tracking my run.

With these requirements, there are still numerous devices, or running watches, you can get to support your needs.  Next factor for me was the smart watch function.  Getting notifications and having some everyday functionality would work well for me.  This includes smartphone notifications and phone apps.  Being able to configure the watch on your smartphone and look at details for activities tracked from the watch were important.

With these requirements, I eventually found the Garmin vivosmart HR+.  There are some some good reviews I found online for it.  Garmin also has a line of GPS watches that range from less functionality to more functionality as expected.  Check out the link below for the watch on Amazon.


On the page, you’ll find other accessories that I use during my run.  Come back later for more on the watch and the accessories.

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