Repurposing equipment from your internet service provider

When you’ve chosen a new service provider for something like cable internet, you’re often offered to rent or buy new equipment for connecting to the internet.  You’re mostly likely to rent or buy from the provider if you don’t know enough about technology to get it done easily and quickly.  For those techies that realize you can simply buy a modem to get a better deal for the long term, you don’t accept anything from the cable company and talk your way to using your modem to save a little each month.

In another scenario, the cable company provides you with a new “cutting edge” “router” with advanced Wi-Fi capabilities for “free” to use with the service.  In this case, everything you would need is included in this one device… Typically a “gateway.”  It connects to the internet, routes your network, and offers far-reaching and speedy Wi-Fi access.

This case happened to me for my new residence.  Knowing what I can do with this equipment, I figured out the equipment is not all that extraordinary and have repurposed it as just another switch in my home.  It can do “everything,” so I disabled the functions I don’t need it to do.  I just use it for the one function I need: connecting one PC that is located far from the others.  My existing equipment already has Wi-Fi that reaches a good distance and is speedy.  I basically got free equipment!

Contact me for details, if interested, and comment on your experiences!

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