An unorthodox but effective way to find a lost item

Soft skills work beyond the workplace and provide another way of being creative.

Recently I was in a hurry to catch a flight and had just returned my rental vehicle. The rental vehicle facility was a distance away from the airport requiring a shuttle bus for transporting in between. I was already on the shuttle bus towards the airport when I realized I may have forgotten something in the now-returned rental vehicle.

I pulled up an electronic receipt to call customer service in hopes that I could be transferred to the local office via phone. I was successfully transferred over. However, the phone was ringing and going to voicemail. Moreover, the voicemail was not working. I called a few more times assuming the staff at the office would likely be busy. No one was answering. I called and spoke to customer service at the 800 number. The gentleman said there was nothing he could do if both customer service and lost and found were not answering.

As I have been to this rental car facility numerous times and knew of other rental companies there, I decided to try calling one of the other ones I had tried a few times. I was finally able to speak with a live person.

I explained the situation to the representative and asked if it were possible for him to ask a representative at the other company to pick up his or her phone. I had tried calling and no one was picking up. To my pleasant surprise, the person asked me to hold and found out the representative was in a meeting and could return my call.

I was eventually called back within a few minutes as promised, and I described my lost item situation. The representative explained that the same vehicle had just been rented back out and wouldn’t be back for a few days. He offered to leave a note with my contact information if the item was found. I graciously agreed.

We will see if the item is found and returned or not. However, I was really happy that representatives from different companies, but from the same facility, were nice enough to help me out. This was good customer service but not in their job description.

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