Some of the hardest to do are simple: fitness

Sometimes, it simply takes dedication and persistence to accomplish something valuable.

One example is fitness.  If you have any sort of interest in doing anything physical, you should keep doing it daily or mutiple times a week.  Repeating it will make you stronger… persistence and dedication are huge.

I practiced towards a handstand and finally was able to do one after months of work.  I figured out I had to start with something basic and go from there.  I was already comfortable doing push-ups so next had to become comfortable with essentially a tuck position.  This is where you hold yourself on two hands while tucking your legs under you against your abs.  Later, I raised myself up while continuing to hold myself on two hands.  After a while, confidence became a larger factor than strength.  Then it was balance combined with strength.  Eventually, I could say I could do a handstand.

Doing a body weight exercise consistently a few times a week helped keep my body weight steady and helped me develop strength.  I did some other exercises as well and toned my body and got stronger.  I also got to know my body more and avoid injuries.  I understood how to progress for various exercises.

If you keep doing something, you will learn it as well as related skills.  You will get smarter about it as long as you let yourself.  People learn differently.

I am no physical trainer, but I have taught myself to perform a planche and a handstand.  I am still working on a muscle up but can do a messy and semi muscle up.  I also build up endurance in running by progressively running longer and longer distances while avoiding injury.  

I can provide some guidance if you’re interested.  Progression entails starting simple and working towards a more advanced level.  All you need is dedication and persistence.

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