Google’s Project Fi

I wrote earlier about how there are numerous service providers in the US that one can choose from.  One service provider, owned by Google, is called Project Fi.  It’s the cell service, and more specifically in this case–a mobile virtual network operator, that Google provides with great rates depending on how much data you use.

Their plans are simple and allows you to manage your account completely through a Google app: Project Fi.  You get unlimited domestic calls and texts for $20/month.  Then you get to pay for data at a rate of $10/month domestic and internationally.  

When you first sign up, you decide how much data you plan on using and pay for that upfront.  As you use the service, you are credited back for whatever data you don’t use.  I am on a family plan with AT&T and so don’t need to pay for extra data.  With Project Fi, I end up paying around $24/month which includes taxes and fees.  I get a number that I can manage myself…similar to Google Voice.  Also, you are required to use a Google Phone.  I am personally a fan of smartphones so did not mind getting the Nexus 6.

They have evolved over the last few years in extending the phones that they support, the networks they operate off of, and how their plans work.  Now through later this year, they are challenging all Fi users to refer others with incentives of various prizes up to a trip to Google’s headquarters.

If you’re interested in checking it out (no commitment on the plans), check them out from here:

Both giver and receiver of the referral receive $20 in some form… Credit, Google Play cash, etc.

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